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Our vision is to become a unique management consultancy provider with clear goals, meeting the End to end requirement for business entities. Global Connect advises and assists clients globally with key projects and strategic initiatives to enhance business value. We provide advisory services to support ongoing business operations, enable performance improvements, support financial transformation and manage risks.

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Our highly qualified and experienced staffs provide the greatest level of professionalism in all areas of Auditing, Accountancy,Business advice and Financial Planning.  Wherever possible we aim to be of vital assistance to our clients.

Corporate Services
In any industry, corporate compliance encompasses a significant and diverse range of responsibilities and obligations, from board of director attendances to share registry management and annual reporting requirements.
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Business Advisory
It’s no surprise that businesses are turning to professional advisors for more than just technical advice in this increasingly unpredictable market. Our business advisory team is firmly focused on helping you to achieve business
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The business establishment is a risky process and tax filing is considered, to be one of the toughest job on the planet. The process becomes more complex when it has to deal with foreign affairs and follow international taxation policies.
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Audit & Assurance
Audit is no more just a number game; it goes beyond reports and approvals that gives the complete picture of a company. They ensure that your organization is compliant with the set of laws, regulations and accounting standards of the land.
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Management Consulting
Our consulting firms stand as the pillars that implements innovative techniques for business organizations to grow. These firms work with a wide range of sectors including HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, helping companies to reduce cost and maximize savings.
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Corporate Finance
Corporate finance is a very complex and intricate area in finance. The main goal of corporate finance is to enhance the value of the firm to the shareholders. But it also consists of other important decisions such as investment decisions and dividend decision.
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Crypto License

In order to legalise their businesses, investors wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies and launch a business would need to get a commercial crypto licence in Dubai. The best way to manage all cryptocurrency trading, purchasing, monitoring, and investing is to obtain a crypto trading licence in Dubai.The best corporate services are provided in Dubai by Global Connect Advisory. Corporate compliance in every sector includes a wide range of duties and commitments, from board of director attendances to share registry administration and yearly reporting requirements.

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    We work with like-minded people who challenge the process and make a difference. We follow International Accounting Standards/ International Financial Reporting Standards